September 28, 2017

Testing in Different Contexts @ Dev West Meetup

Flipp hosted and sponsored this Dev West Meetup.

Gabriel Loo talked about his approaches to testing for the 3 different modes he sees teams around him in.

testing = exploring things that hurt the quality/value of a product


Pioneering is going where no one has gone before, assuming there will be something good end, but what that will be is unclear.

Example: Using OCR to process retail receipts for rebates

The team had to figure out if this was possible. Part of testing was finding different receipts and testing them against optical character recognition libraries to see which ones worked with all the different receipt variations

How do a tester’s skills apply in this context?


Building has an end goal in site, it will be challenging and full of engineering problems, but the outcome is far less uncertain than pioneering

Example: Rebate Processing

The clear goal at the end is to get money back to legitimate consumers, and weed out invalid submissions such as:

How do a tester’s skills apply in this context?


Optimizing is taking something that has been built, is achieving its end goals, and making it better.

Example: improving the ‘load to card’ feature

The team thought this data entry task for users could be improved with a new UI. Gabriel wrote tests before the development team started working on the new UI so the devs would know if their new designs and refactored code met existing contracts in the system

How do a tester’s skills apply in this context?

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