December 22, 2018

What I've learned about selling domain names

I have a 5 letter (not a word) .com domain I don’t use with minimal back links, so I decided to try selling it.

1. False hope?

Maybe there is business in making a random # generator for domain appraisals that puts out such ridiculous values that people blog about it and send more traffic to the ridiculous tool.

2. Let’s try Sedo

This was easy to set up. Some surprises were

No one was interested in my domain. I don’t know much about marketing these things. While I waited for someone to notice it amongst thousands of other 5 letter (or shorter) domains for sale, I look at Flippa

3. Let’s look at Flippa

Flippa helps people sell businesses as well as domain names.

I stopped to browse the list of domains for sale to see if mine had a chance of selling for more than $25. It seemed unlikely, so I stopped there.

4. What’s next?

Will this be worth my time? Who knows