March 27, 2015

WordPress to Hexo?

Matias presented a static blog generator called Hexo with some Angular addons to the AngularJS Meetup. I liked what I saw, so I set up my own install and imported my posts with the WordPress migrator. The transfer went smoother than with Ghost.. Moving text content over worked OK, although I lose some friendly video and oembed features of WordPress. Moving images over will take more effort.

Having a static site is appealing, but I think I would miss having a place online to write posts. There is an admin plugin, but maybe using GitHub as a writing environment would be good. I could set up a post-commit webhook that tells a hosted version of Hexo somewhere (Heroku?) to build and deploy the site somewhere else.

Broken link checker plugins are helpful – I use one with WordPress already. Here’s a broken link checker for Hexo.