February 4, 2015

ngToronto Angular Meetup notes – January 2015

Promise-based architecture by Yuri


Check the table in the presentation for useful definitions of promise behaviour (“when the callback…”)

Avoid $q.defer, Denodify instead

Trivial Promises

Stay consistent

Avoid Optimistic Code

Neat things with promises

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Hexo + AngularJS by Matias

Slides and Code

Hexo is:

Static sites are good because:

Hexo is good because:

How do I handle dynamic behaviour without a backend?

3rd party services and more JS!

Angular idea

How about capturing all internal link clicks using an Angular directive, and replacing the default behaviour with pushstate, an AJAX call to load the requested page, and an animation to load the content into the current page? That gives you even faster page loads and room to animate content coming and going. Yearofmoo.com is doing this now.

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