January 23, 2015

Standing desk in a bookcase

Got a bookcase with adjustable shelves? Want to see what using a standing desk feels like? Here’s an inexpensive way to try it out. You’ll need a separate keyboard and pointing device (mouse, tablet, trackball, whatever).


The middle shelf of an Ikea Billy Bookcase is perfect height (About 42″ or 106cm) for a keyboard and mouse for me (I’m 5’6″), so I put those there. I emptied out the next shelf and placed it about 8 inches above that one. My 15″ laptop, 19″ external monitor, and a power bar fit up there. I could run wires behind the shelves (taking advantage of the bendy rear surface of the Billy) to connect the 2 areas.

It took about 10 minutes to set up, another 10 minutes to tear down, and proved that getting a standing desk at home was worthwhile to me.

Be wary of using this long-term because you might be too close to your monitor. My face was 13″ away from the screen instead of the usual 19″ I find comfortable.

More examples

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Cat image is from Neko