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10 minutes with Ghost blogging platform: looks promising!

December 16, 2014

WordPress’ performance frustrates me sometimes, and Ghost received some good attention a while back. Time to take a look at Ghost!

First Impressions

  • really easy to install for dev purposes. It can run with SQLite, no need to set up a database server
  • it runs fast!
  • I like the Markdown editor
  • creating apps and themes looks simple compared to WordPress
  • the WordPress exporter for moving posts into Ghost works most of the time

But it’s still missing WordPress features I rely on:


I will give Ghost another try when I have time to look at the entire ecosystem and see what add-ons are out there, or if I can add the features I want. I appreciate that a fresh install of Ghost is fast and light, and hopefully adding some features I like will not slow it down much.

The good news is the team is very open about progress and changes. Here’s a blog post about what’s happening now, and here’s the Ghost roadmap on Trello.

What would moving from WordPress to Ghost be like?

  • easy to import most WP post text with a WP plugin, but I did see some errors when moving JS embedded in WP posts into Ghost
  • Ghost should be able to use the same URLs for posts as WP
  • images in posts will have to be moved to another host like S3. The Ghost team recommends Cloudinary to automate that process
  • could host site on Heroku, Digital Ocean, or another VPS provider. Not shared hosting

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