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How not to die moving from Angular 1.x to 2 + ES6 @ ngToronto Meetup

November 29, 2014

Shopify hosted ngToronto

How not to die moving from Angular 1.x to 2 with Nick and Yuri from

  • J2EE, Rails, Python, ActionScript all had unpredictable, large shifts over the years. This is no surprise!

  • Angular may change, but plain js is a good starting place for future browser technologies

  • Soul of angular is DRY, structure, testability, which are portable concepts

  • Angular 2 is a 3 year plan. They early announcement prevents us from being blindsided by change, but it is freaking people out. The alternative to no change is standardize and stick with IE6 like banks did for many years

  • Good news: lots of discussions on design of Angular 2 are online and public, so anyone can catch up on how and why things are changing

  • Look for Nick’s matrix outlining changes in scope, controllers, DI, messaging.

Easy ways to prepare, best practices for today.

  • Nested scope? No Says Yuri! Avoid. Use controller as syntax

  • Always put directives in isolated scope

  • Put as much stuff in services as possible, because services are modules with DI. Then could swap Angular’s DI with something else in the future. See Rangle’s Nebular project

Harder ways to prepare

  • Use more plain js (no dependencies other than a browser environment) and export objects as modules to use inside of Angular 1.x services

  • Yuri is thinking about running components of a large app in an iframe to sandbox, see multi-framework-app on Github. Each iframe can run a different version of Angular, or another framework entirely. iframes can communicate with each other over a simple API so they can all be integrated together

ES6 with Matias Niemelä

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