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Scripting languages on my mind

November 09, 2014

It’s late 2014. Here’s all the scripting languages I’ve tried/thought of trying out this year for backend web development.



  • Language has some some dumb function names that won’t go away for a long time
  • xdebug needs a heavy IDE with debugging features to be easy to use (like Netbeans)

Javascript + Node.js

  • Skills with Javascript will not go out of demand any time soon
  • node-inspector is great for debugging


  • Does it work well with relational DBs?
  • No leading web application platform – still have to assemble something like Laravel out of many small packages from NPM


  • I like the syntax
  • I hear good things about Django


  • More complex to deploy then PHP or Node


  • Because Ruby on Rails was cool in 2007 when I was buried in ActionScript 3.0 and I wonder what I missed out on


  • Lots of overlap with other languages I know. Would I learn anything new other than syntax?

Everything here is OOP. Maybe I should try out something functional in 2015.

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