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Social Product Design Tips from Facebook @ Achievers Tech Talks

June 03, 2014

These are my long lost notes from the presentation. They are missing lots of context.

Why be social?

  • We talk to help
  • We talk to craft our identity like Rap Genius founder
  • We talk to build relationships over time
  • The amount we share is proportional to the value of sharing


  • Identity is multifaceted. Different apps and people show different slices of life.
  • Audiences inform content. You say different things to different people. A more specific the audience = more filters

Things Facebook notices

  • We choose pictures over words
  • Lightweight communications like Yo
  • Objective based networks like Nike+
  • Pick the right medium for what to communicate.
  • Augmenting offline experiences like matching blood donor s and AirBnB
  • Info about people traveled faster than people


  • Get inspired by Urban Planning books. Courtyard and cities are the social network
  • Check Munk Debates for an interesting debate between Alexis Ohanian and some dude from the CIA on surveillance

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