July 29, 2014

Continuous Delivery @ Full Stack Toronto Meetup

Nick and Xiyang will discuss continuous delivery on a full-stack JavaScript stack and how today’s DevOps and Test-Driven-Development processes have enabled the seismic shift in best practices from frequent delivery to continuous delivery. Nick will present an updated maturity model for shifting to continuous delivery and Xiyang will share best practices learned on several rangle.io projects.

Nick and Xiyang from rangle.io on continuous delivery – both the benefits of it, and what it takes to do it. Important things I remember from a week afterward:

  1. Continuous delivery not only requires the right tools and software, but discipline and commitment from a team of developers
  2. Moving a product development team from using bad development and deployment practices to using continuous delivery can take over a year
  3. Continuous integration with unit tests and E2E tests is an important step in that process
  4. Rolling back an application to a previous build should be as simple as deploying a new build

Nick is inspired by Six Sigma techniques when thinking about minimizing variances and improving the efficiency of development when moving a project towards continuous integration.

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