June 4, 2013

Fast way to get Android App Screenshots (4.0 and up) off your device's storage

  1. Start AirDroid
  2. On your device, press the volume down and power button at the same time to take a screenshot
  3. Open and occasionally refresh the photos screen in AirDroid. You can delete screenshots that don’t make the cut right from here, and find out when ones to retake If you need to take more screenshots, GOTO STEP 2.
  4. Once the all the screenshots are taken, select the good ones in AirDroid, and use the download button to transfer them off your device in one compressed archive.

Depending on your USB connection, downloading the images from AirDroid in 1 archive may be faster than selecting them all in your OS’s file browsers and having them move over the cable 1 by 1.