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Looking to push your store's layout further? Check out my Zen Cart Layouts Tutorial. It covers some basic CSS and layout modifications.

Free Blue Zen Cart Template

Free Blue

I think this template would work well on a technology or science related store. The blue header graphics are a heavily stylized circuit board. Overall, it is a very clean simple template, and the chosen shades of blue bring lots of energy.


Free Red Zen Cart Template

Free Red

Trippy graphics. This could be great for a Lava Lamp store! The header graphics actually a neon light moving around in front of a camera in the dark with a long exposure time.


Free Yellow Zen Cart Template

Free Yellow

Gardening tools? Outdoor toys? Spring clothing? This template could be used on many kinds of stores.


Thank-you SXC for the stock images and the Zen Cart Team for making 1.3 so fun to make templates for.